About Ciara Gayer

I am a composer, producer and singer-song writer currently living in Brighton. 

I have played piano and guitar from a young age. And started recording my own music when I went to music college at 16. 

Since building my basement studio, I have been developing into a sound engineer. In the past 2 years have recorded many local artists including Atongo Zimba, Ramon Goose, Joe Pule and Georgia Hazelgrove, as well as my own music.

I'm very much inspired by politics and philosophy, which I studied at the University of Brighton. I feel very passionately about music and sound which is often reflected through my 'melancholic, soulful' voice.


My goal is to make people feel

Whether it's an awakening, joy, or just letting go of the world around you for an instant, WHICH IS WHAT I do when I'm creating and performing. 



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